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How To Get Rid Of Carpet Dents

Posted on January 12, 2023

Heavy furniture will always weigh down on carpets and eventually cause dents. This is an inevitable part of the passage of time. If you’ve just moved into a place, you might find all kinds of indents from old furniture. And if you’ve just rearranged a room, you might have difficulty smoothing out the dents from where your furniture used to be.

Fortunately, you have a few different strategies that you can employ here. Here are several ways to get dents out of your Tujunga home’s carpet.


You might be able to vacuum over the indent. Vacuums are a great way to uniformly lift not just the problematic fibers but all of the carpet’s fibers around them. The uniform motion of the vacuum running over not just the indented fibers but the surrounding fibers means that the entire area was lifted by the same mechanism, making the dent less obvious.

If you’ve been vacuuming for a while and the dent is still visible, don’t worry. There are other ways to get it out. And you might benefit from more traditional carpet cleaning.

Ice Cubes

One classic trick for eliminating carpet dents is to leave an ice cube on the indent for a while and let it melt. This sounds strange, but it actually does work. The hydration will reinvigorate the fibers and cause them to fluff up again.

First, make sure the floorboards underneath are protected from moisture. Next, let the ice cube sit for at least four hours. Once the carpet has fully absorbed it, use a fork or coin to gently lift the fibers to their natural height.

Blow Dryer

You can use a blow dryer to reinvigorate your Tujunga home’s carpet. First, spray some water with a spray bottle until the fibers soak it up. Then set your blow dryer to the highest setting and hold it around six inches away from the carpet.

Be very careful here, as carpets can be damaged by high heat. If your carpet is particularly heat-sensitive, do not do this. Never touch the hair dryer to the fibers.


You must be very careful with a clothes iron because if it directly touches the carpet, you may have a permanent burn stain. Only do this with a damp towel placed between the iron and the fibers.

Set the iron to a medium setting and iron the area over the towel for up to a minute. Be careful here, and don’t apply too much pressure. Never touch the carpet directly. Don’t hold the iron on the towel for too long.

Professional Cleaning

Professional Tujunga steam cleaning services could lift those carpet fibers and get the dents out. Steam carpet cleaning is very effective at refreshing carpets. It essentially uses the same principle as the iron method above, only less risky, and you get carpet soils out as a bonus.

Call a Tujunga carpet cleaning service today and have your carpets looking as good as new. Professional Tujunga carpet cleaner will know what to do and how to get your carpet looking great again

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