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Mattress Cleaning

You will rest easy knowing you called the best mattress cleaning service in Tujunga.

Mattress Cleaning In Tujunga

Mattress Cleaning Service

Carpet isn’t the only surface Angel Carpet Cleaning in Tujunga provides professional services for. Our talented technicians know how to clean mattresses with the same proficiency because they have years of experience. During this time, we’ve developed exceptional cleaning methods that leave your mattress feeling brand new again.

Our steam cleaning machine dives deep into the fibers of your mattress and extracts all of the musty and dusty particles that have been buried for years. We know it sounds gross, but you owe it to yourself to take a deep, unobstructed breath in your own bedroom. So call us today for mattress cleaning services near you!

Alleviates Allergy Symptoms

Mattresses play a big role in our everyday life, but we sometimes ignore what cleaning a mattress can do for not just breathing, but also sleeping, allergies, and your overall health. One deep cleaning treatment can make a noticeable impact on the air quality of your bedroom because mattresses hold in a lot of allergens.

We’re talking about dust, pollen, mold, and anything else that can irritate your sinuses and make your eyes water. Rather than sneezing and blowing your runny nose into a tissue all night, see for yourself what a professional mattress cleaning in Tujunga can do for allergy relief.

Need For Mattress Cleaning Services

Mattress cleaning services in Tujunga are available and open to everyone who needs them. Allergies and restless sleep patterns bother the majority of us, and any method that offers some kind of relief is a welcoming sign. At Angel Carpet Cleaning, our goal is to be a lending hand to everybody.

We believe you deserve a good night of sleep. Over the years, through countless studies, sleep has proven to be a long-term health benefit. And still to this day, millions of people struggle with getting enough rest. The Tujunga community is no different, and that’s why Angel is here and happy to help with all of your cleaning service needs!


Will cleaning chemicals ruin my mattress?

We don’t use any harsh cleaning chemicals at Angel Carpet Cleaning. Every single one of our products contains eco-friendly ingredients that won’t cause a bad reaction with your body or the mattress.

Is my mattress going to be soaking wet after cleaning?

Your mattress may be a little damp after we are done cleaning, but it won’t be drenched. Our mattress cleaning technique leaves you with quick dry times and a smaller waiting period before you can use your mattress as normal again.

How long does mattress cleaning take?

Our average mattress cleaning service in Tujunga takes about 15 to 25 minutes. Large stains or larger mattresses, in general, could prolong the process by a few extra minutes.

What are the benefits of mattress cleaning?

Mattress cleaning improves the air quality of your bedroom and can help reduce allergy symptoms for people who struggle with seasonal flare-ups. Deep cleaning the mattress removes trapped irritants that cause symptoms.

Can you steam clean a mattress?

Yes. That’s exactly the method we use at Angel Carpet Cleaning for every mattress. This process takes the beneficial properties of steam and pressure mixed with green cleaning products to create the ideal cleaning combination.

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