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Upholstery Cleaning

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Upholstery Cleaning Services In Tujunga 

Upholstery Cleaning Service

Furniture needs attention every now and then to freshen up any living room, office space, or building. Whether you have a knack for interior design or you just want something for people to sit on, upholstered furniture is a great option. But you will also need upholstery cleaning services in Tujunga to maintain these decorative pieces as well as other cleaning services.

That is when Angel Carpet Cleaning in Tujunga is ready to deploy our resources and make your upholstery look good again. You would be surprised how much a professional clean can turn a room around and restore freshness. One service can eliminate stains, odors, and dust in a matter of minutes.

Types Of Upholstery 

Upholstery comes in several different forms and is very common. There’s an extremely high chance everyone has either sat on or felt upholstery at some point in their life. When you picture “couch fabric” in your head, it’s usually upholstery. The soft texture can also be found on pillows, curtains, chairs, and ottomans.

Upholstery is high quality and provides a lot of comfort, but the fabric also accumulates debris and traps odors easier than other materials. It is a unique trade-off between relaxation and keeping up with cleaning. Fortunately, Angel Carpet Cleaning offers Tujunga the help you need to maintain all forms of upholstery.

Steam Cleaning Method 

We address every upholstery cleaning with the same practices, which for us is the steam cleaning technique. By combining hot steam, pressure, and organic cleaning solutions together, you have an effective cleaning agent. Not to mention it is completely safe for children, as well as pets, because we only use eco-friendly products.

Tujunga residents can be assured that our team over at Angel Carpet Cleaning cares about keeping you safe no matter what. If you have questions about the cleaning products we use, just let us know when you call to set up an appointment. Our knowledgeable staff is happy to answer and give you all the information you need!


Is upholstery the same as fabric?

Upholstery is a type of fabric used on furniture. However, not all fabric is upholstery. There are countless types of fabric, and upholstery just happens to be one of them. Upholstery is thicker and heavier than most fabrics, which makes it durable for regular use.

Is leather a type of upholstery?

No. Leather and upholstery are two completely different materials. The main component in leather is animal hide, usually cow skin, while upholstery is fabric. You can’t clean leather the same as you would upholstery because it contains different properties.

Does upholstery need to be cleaned remotely?

Not with Angel’s Tujunga upholstery cleaning. We clean your upholstery right where it is, so you don’t have to move anything. Unless you are also getting your carpet cleaned, the upholstered furniture can stay put.

Is steam cleaning good for upholstery?

Yes. Steam cleaning is perfectly acceptable for upholstery and does a fine job penetrating beneath the surface for a fresh clean that removes dirt and odor quite well.

Does upholstery hold stains?

Upholstery can be stained, just like other surfaces. It is very similar to a carpet stain, where it must be treated right away for the best results. Angel’s Tujunga upholstery cleaning technicians are equipped to deal with upholstery stains and remove them effectively.

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